To glorify God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to fully enjoy Him forever. Our mission:


Ministry under vacancy

Benefice of Pennington and Lindal with Marton and Bardsea

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The usual Sunday pattern is that Bardsea and Lindal are at 9:30am while Pennington is at 11am. On the 1st Sunday of the month only, Bardsea is at 11am. On a fifth Sunday in the month, we meet together at 10:00am and take it in turns hosting.

After July 2017, the 3 churches will be in an ‘interregnum’, ie without a full-time minister until another is appointed.

The interregnum will impact on the available services so if you have enquiries it would be best to contact the wardens in the individual churches to be sure about the services.

Also from July, if you have a query regarding a baptism, wedding or funeral please can contact the Parish Office, Ulverston on 01229 588081.

We have several fellowship groups which meet in houses to study the Bible, we have a Christian Book Club and we also run a Christianity Explored course (One Life) for enquirers and those who would like to know more about the faith or to increase their confidence in the faith. One Life course contact the minister for more details if you’d like to join in on the next available course. See also our Explore Faith page for a free books and other things to explore.


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Exploring the Faith

Courses and fellowship groups

Our general pattern

From Acts chapter 2, and in keeping with the Diocesan Vision for “Growing Disciples” , by God’s grace we hope to be a

W E  L L church

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Combined Benefice /Farewell Service

We are 3 Anglican churches west of Ulverston and are part of a wider network of local churches in Furness that gather together on Easter morning for a Sunrise Service to worship God, to give thanks that his Son Jesus, rose from the dead, and to share in fellowship through his Holy Spirit.

The Sunrise Service at Birkrigg Common which happened on Easter Sunday.  Around 70 people from different churches in the area celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead as we watched the Sun rise .

Editorial by Gary Tubbs from Community News July-Aug 2017


Words often have interesting origins-apparently “goodbye” is a contraction of “God be with you!” (from late 16th century). It is particularly with this deeper spiritual meaning  that I wish to say goodbye to you all, on behalf of Jackie and myself. This will be my last Editorial.

Jackie and I are moving in August around 300 miles south to three semi-rural parishes in the Chelmsford Diocese, called Henham, Elsenham and Ugley (I particularly like the name of the last of the 3!). They are close to Standsted  Airport (thankfully not on the flight path), near Bishop’s Stortford,  half-way between Cambridge and the M25 in Essex.

There will be no local hills, or lakes and the coast is an hour or so away, not many sheep in the area and few dry stone walls – but don’t be too sorry for us, the countryside is still pretty and the chances are it will be a bit less wet and a bit hotter. The big personal bonus for us is that we will be only 40 mins from our daughter and under 2 hours to my son, daughter –in–law and grandchildren in Fulham. Importantly we will be serving in 3 friendly churches and I will work under another minister who I get on well with- his name is also Gary, which could cause some confusion!

When we moved here 9 years ago, after spending 8 years in Carlisle, we were very pleased to be able to remain in Cumbria. All my ministerial life has been in Cumbria and it will be a sad thing to leave. We have both very much enjoyed Cumbria- the countryside is lovely, but it is the people we will really miss. Our time in Swarthmoor and my ministry in Pennington, Lindal and Bardsea churches have been a delight. You have allowed us to be ourselves and you have shown genuine love and friendship to us. If the people down in our new parishes are half as friendly as you are then we’ll have a lovely time there.

We hadn’t planned on moving and I wasn’t on the lookout for a new job, but sometimes events can take over. We will be ending up not too far away from where I originally trained in London. I remember when I first came to Carlisle I had to look at the map to find out where it was- and when I arrived I said to someone that Carlisle was a long way from London- the reply was “Ah yes, but London is a long way from Carlisle!” Then we came down to the southern part of the Diocese, not realising how beautiful it would be.

So we’re on the move again- sooner than we expected, but looking ahead to what God may have in store. Proverbs 16:9 says, The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  We live in God’s world and he has the bigger picture. May we all submit to his directing in all of our lives. As we journey in faith let us give glory to God the Father our creator, let us live by God the Spirit who breathes new life into our very beings and let us fix our eyes on God the Son who saved us through dying on the cross for us and who gives us peace and fellowship with God.

Goodbye! God be with you! Gary and Jackie Tubbs xx

Defending Christians

From Barnabas Fund Prayer Diary:

“In September 2016 Hungary created a new government department whose purpose is to help persecuted Christians. This follows years of covert help by the Hungarian government for Christians in the Middle East. Speaking for the government, Eduard von Habsburg explained that one aim of going public was to set an example to other nations in Europe. “Somehow the idea of defending Christians has acquired a bad taste in Europe, as if it means excluding other people,” he said. Pray that other European nations will indeed be inspired by Hungary’s example to help Christians suffering because of their faith.”

NB Worldwide, for every 10 people persecuted for their faith, 8 of them will be Christian.

Thanks for all who came to the Benefice Service at Bardsea at  July 30th which celebrated God’s glory and our treasure in Jesus Christ and was Gary and Jackie’s last service before they prepare to move down to Essex. Our Mission Community partners (Aldingham, Dendron, Rampside and Urswick) also celebrated with us on what was a very special service.

The parishes are putting together a profile for advertising for a new minister- we hope and pray that God will be our guide in this new adventure together.


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